Here’s an example of some gauges that I have restored. In the ‘before’ pictures, the gauges have power, so this is what they looked like in customer boats. If your gauges look like these, then you could expect similar results..



Some gauges may not be fixable with this Standard Restoration. Rarely, the glass LCD becomes de-laminated and the liquid crystals leak out. If your gauge has dark black spots on or near the bottom of the LCD Display, this is an indicator of a faulty LCD. The standard repair will not fix this. Occasionally, the de-laminated LCD isn’t visible through the gauge front, and only becomes evident when the gauge is disassembled and the films removed from the LCD.  


Whats the risk? NONE! If I cant fix it, there’s no charge. I will send your gauge(s) back on my dime, or, I will buy your broken gauge to use for spare parts inventory.


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    • clay8080

      Depends on the issue. If the LCD is cooked, I am testing this repair on Mercury Smartcraft gauges now. I can get the digits back but they are dimmer than original.

    • clay8080

      Depends on gauge backlog. I work these in the order I get them and can usually get them back out in a day or two. I understand some folks want (or need) their gauges them back asap, and I’ll do my best to do just that!

  1. Hi,
    I have a Yamaha digital speed/fuel multifunction gauge that shows nothing on the screen. What is the simple bench test to prove whether it is DOA or fixable? If the red and yellow wires are hooked up to a positive 12 volt source and the two black wires are hooked to the negative, should the LCD digits appear?

    • clay8080

      THis is the correct bench-test procedure. You can also test backlight by connecting the BLUE wire to the red/yellow, it should light up. Just because you do not see any digits doesnt mean the gauge is no good! The polarization can fade so badly that nothing appears on the screen. Half the gauges I get have no digits apparent on the screen when bench testing. Replacing the Polarization on the front and back of LCD usually brings them right back! Feel free to send them over if you like, or text me pictures. thanks!

  2. clay8080

    Are they the SC1000 Gauges?

    JasonF (tht)

    If so, there’s hope. Polarization replacement of the LCD in way affects the analog portion of the gauges, nor does it clear any information stored within. If you’re interested in the repair, just send me the gauge to the address listed, and include your contact information.

  3. LANCE Davis

    Do you mind explaining the bench test more in depth? I have two gauges one that i can barely see the digits and the other I don’t see anything at all. I think they both work just need to know how to test them. Would save both of us time if I could do so before sending to you.

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