Restoration or Replacement?

Should I buy new, or restore my existing gauges? Here’s a few key points that support restoration instead of replacement. COST.┬áNew Gauges are expensive! A new OEM Gauge can cost over $350. A good used gauge can cost more than $200, and it might need the same repair. For about a 1/4 the cost of

Are my gauges fixable? Whats the risk?

Here’s an example of some gauges that I have restored. In the ‘before’ pictures, the gauges have power, so this is what they looked like in customer boats. If your gauges look like these, then you could expect similar results..     Some gauges may not be fixable with this Standard Restoration. Rarely, the glass

The Restoration Process

For only $75*…you can see your gauge again! ‘Standard Restoration’ of a Yamaha gauge includes: Bench Test (before restoration, to see if gauge is functional) Separation of case halves, and removal of PCB Assembly. Removal of LCD glass from PCB. Removal of polarized films, diffuser, and adhesive from LCD. Replacement of polarized films. Metallic Silver

What we do

We specialize in Yamaha Outbound Multi-function Gauge Restoration and Repair. Constant exposure to the elements is tough on these expensive instruments. UV rays fade the polarization on the LCD Glass, and salt/sun cause crazing and cracking to the acrylic gauge face. We offer an an inexpensive alternative to buying new. How inexpensive? The price of

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