Should I buy new, or restore my existing gauges? Here's a few key points that support restoration instead of replacement.

  • COST. New Gauges are expensive! A new OEM Gauge can cost over $350. A good used gauge can cost more than $200, and it might need the same repair. For about a 1/4 the cost of a USED gauge, I can make your gauge look fresh again. That frees up money for other boat projects!
  • HOURS OF USE. If I restore your existing gauge, your HOURS on the gauge remain consistent with boat use. Would you want to install a used gauge that indicates 2500 hours, if your boat only has 150?
  • Restoration instead of replacement keeps plastic and lead out of the landfill.
  • Did I mention the cost? A 4 gauge set can run over $1500. I could likely fix them for less than a tank of gas...

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  1. Jeff Cappelletti

    Thank you Eric for the GREAT job on my gauges. I have 2001 Optimax Motors and 17 years of sun took its toll. The gauges look great; more importantly, I had no other options. No one makes these gauges anymore! Keep up the great work.

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