***TURN-AROUND TIMES..Updated as of May 2019. Turnaround times depend on our backlog at the time and can vary. Right now we are averaging about 2-3 WEEKS TURNAROUND. We work gauges in order received and have 4 techs diligently working to get them back to you. We send emails upon receipt of gauges and email invoices when completed. ****

  • Yamaha 6Y5 Gauges: $75 for standard restore, includes LCD and Case Polishing if needed.  Please keep your brackets, nuts, lockwashers, and gaskets. We don’t want to lose them!
  • Yamaha 6Y8 Square Gauges: $75 for standard restore, includes LCD and Lens polishing if needed. Please make sure the MODE buttons work and change the mode display on the bottom of the gauges. The majority of these we get in exhibit this failure, and restoring the LCD and Polishing the lens will not fix this. We’re still happy to do them!
  • Mercury SC1000 Gauges: $75 restoration includes LCD and sun cover only. If you need a new lens during your restoration, we will replace it for $50 additional. If you only need a lens replacement, we will do so for $75. Please let us know what you would prefer on your contact page. If you’d like to DIY your own lens, we sell them on ebay outright for $50, includes covers. We can also send an invoice to your directly for lenses. These are a Gaugesaver exclusive! Nobody else has them..
  • Other gauges? Shoot me an email or text message with a pic. We can do Suzuki, iCommand, Raymarine, Raytheon, VHFS, and many others. if we can get to the LCD’s there’s hope!

Please include  a piece of paper with all of your contact information (name, EMAIL ADDRESS, cell #, shipping address, special instructions, etc..). 

Protect your gauges in the box, and ship them to:

GaugeSaver LLC
378 Cedar Creek Road
Palatka, FL

Upon gauge delivery, we will send an email to let you know your gauges have arrived, estimated time of Repair, and also perform a quick visual inspection to identify and obvious LCD leaks or damage.

Once your gauges are assigned to a tech and make it to a bench, they are tested, and if no issues seen, restoration started. If anything other than standard restoration is needed, we’ll reach out to you. Once completed, we’ll send a Paypal email invoice with return shipping. If you do not have Paypal, the invoice will take Credit / Debit cards..


Eric Clayton


904-386-8944 (text M-F 8a-6p)