For only $75*…you can see your gauge again!

‘Standard Restoration’ of a Yamaha gauge includes:

  • Bench Test (before restoration, to see if gauge is functional)
  • Separation of case halves, and removal of PCB Assembly.
  • Removal of LCD glass from PCB.
  • Removal of polarized films, diffuser, and adhesive from LCD.
  • Replacement of polarized films.
  • Metallic Silver rear reflector (looks like new OEM)
  • Re-assembly of LCD into PCB, PCB sealed into case front, and Case halves sealed  back together.
  • 7-step polishing process on gauge face (if needed) to minimize crazing and restore clarity.
  • Wax
  • Bench test (after restoration, to ensure gauge works and polarization phase)

‘Advanced Repair’ is dependent on needs and spare parts stock. Advanced repair could include Gauge Cases, complete insides, wiring harnesses, LCD conductor, LCD Glass, backlight replacement, minor soldering, etc. Repair of gauges is dependan on used parts availability. We don’t replace LCD’s typically, as new ones are not made.


  • *$75 Rate is for Yamaha 6Y5  Gauges, Yamaha 6Y8 (Command Link round and square), Mercury SmartCraft SC1000, Honda, Suzuki, and Tohatsu gauge. ‘Restoration’ methods vary depending on gauges. For example, Mercury SmartCraft SC1000 lenses cannot typically be polished, but the inner lenses can be removed. For these gauges, I am working on reproducing the lenses in UV Stable Polycarbonate, which will be twice as thick as original. I expect to have the prototypes 4th quarter 2018! Some Suzuki, Yamaha, and Tohatsu gauges cannot be polished due to design of the lens. If you’re not sure what can be done with your gauges, or the cost, shoot us an email with pictures!







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  1. Joe Ciucevich

    I have two gauges for repair. I just wanted to make sure you are still doing repairs.

    • clay8080

      I certainly am. Thanks for the interest. Feel free to call/text or follow the instructions to send me your gauges.

  2. Matt Parham

    Clay, I have a gauge I would really like to have restored. I tried calling the number provided but was not able to get through. I live just down the road from you and could drop them off if that would be easier. Its the same model Yamaha tachometer that you show above. Thanks for the help

    • clay8080

      Matt, voice coverage is spotty where I am. Text me or email me. Thanks!

      • Matt Parham

        Don’t know if my call got through, but email is the only comm that I have. I can drop off those covers tonight if you’d like, they came out pretty sweet. Thanks for getting that gauge done for me so quickly as well, it looks awesome!

  3. Craig Santa Maria

    have 2 gauges tach/speedo sc1000 in pompano lcd screens have burn smudge covering data


    • clay8080

      Craig, Can do Mercury Smartcraft LCDs, but I charge a little more for them due to difficulty. Feel free to call/text anytime.

  4. Matthew

    That’s for your service it a great thing you are doing for boat owner to keep the cost of gauge down since they are so expensive

  5. Latimore Holmes

    I have the older smartcraft gauges VDO one speed and two tachometer I took out the yellowed clouded lens on all three the inner lens was clear but I cracked one and worried about moisture getting can you replace them and seal them and for how much

  6. Les Levy

    If you restore my four LCD gauges on my twin 225 Yamaha 4-strokes will they be as readable as if I bought new LED gauges?

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