Frequently Asked Questions

Click the LINK to Select Your Device to get started. We invoice and ship when complete and will reach out directly if we have questions.

Typically we try and stay at 2 weeks or less turnaround, but we do offer Expedite Services for folks in a hurry.

At this time we are not offering Expedited services due to our current backlog.  Thanks for your understanding.

Different devices require different methods of removal. If you have rusty metal studs holding your device in, we recommend spraying with penetrating oil and letting it sit 24 hours before removal. Yamaha gauges have pull apart bullet connectors or plugs about 6” back from the Gauge, no cutting of harnesses needed.

For most devices, no. We are able to power the devices up on the bench without the harness. If your device isn’t listed, and you want to send it in for restoration, please provide bench testing instructions so that we can power the device up using a power supply. This helps us immensely!

We will either return it to you at no charge, or offer to buy it for parts.

Yes, we offer 90 day warranty on all parts used in a restoration. Including re-polarization of an LCD, Replacement LCD’s, Backlights, Lenses. We will NOT warranty any device that stops working not related to our efforts.

Sometimes we do have used/restored devices for sale, though it’s tough to keep inventory. Please email us to inquire about used/restored devices.

Due to the wide variety of linear polarization we use and specific device orientation requirements, we DO NOT sell Linear Polarization. However, most any linear polarization will work on an LCD if you orient it right.

We take all major Debit and Credit cards. We can also take Paypal, cash, or check. 

Yes, via UPS/USPS/DHL.  Duties and fees are receivers responsibility.  

Please contact us for a return shipping quote!

We have black and white round gauges that are included at no charge with gauge restorations. These fit the standard 3.25” gauge. If you need gauge covers, we also sell them on Amazon, Ebay, or just let us know.

No, at this time we do not. We restore so many different types of devices, an exchange program doesn’t really make sense for us.

As with opening any used electronics, especially older electronics, there is risk involved. We do our best to practice ESD Prevention techniques and are very careful with handling all devices. As always, if we cannot save your device, there is NO CHARGE, even if we spent 4 hours attempting to save it.

Yes, our office hours are Monday – Thursday, 8am-4pm.  We have a drop-box for after-hours.

Possibly.  Every device is different and some can just be cleaned to resolve the issue but others may need replacements, if available.  Please contact us for more information regarding your device.

Absolutely! We offer discounts for 1st Responders, Millitary (Active and Retired), Marinas or Dealers, and The Hull Truth members.  Contact for more information.

Analog is a device with needle movements only.  Digital devices have LCD display that reads data. The LCD is what can be restored or replaced, if possible.

Dark ‘inky’ looking puddles on the edges of an LCD (usually towards the bottom) can indicate that your LCD is bad, or ‘Leaking’. Once the liquid crystal has leaked, the LCD is not able to be restored, and will need to be replaced if possible.

We offer LCD Replacements for select Yamaha and Mercury devices.  

Here’s a few example pics of a ‘Bad’ or Leaky LCD in a Yamaha 6Y5 gauge.

No worries! You can contact with pictures of your device and our friendly staff will be sure to help.

Yes, all PayPal and Credit Card transactions will be subject to a 3% processing fee.  An additional 2% will be added for International transactions.  This will be reflected at Checkout.

Yes!  If you are unsatisfied with restoration service or product, please contact us regarding a refund for service charge only.  Taxes and fees cannot be refunded.

Yes.  We ask that the invoice is paid in 90 days of receipt.  We will confiscate any device not paid for after 90 days and no contact from the customer.

As stated on our invoice, we provide only up to $300 delivery insurance on return shipping of devices.  Any additional insurance coverage is to be requested by the buyer prior to paying the invoice.