How much does the restoration cost?

Yamaha 6Y5 gauges, Yamaha 6Y8 (Command link round and square), Mercury SmartCraft SC1000, Suzuki, Honda, and Tohatsu gauges are only $75, and that includes Gauge Covers (round only). We are experimenting with doing other gauges as well and prices vary depending on effort involved, but we have been Successful with Raytheon, Raymarine, Volvo, assorted VHF’s and Chartplotters as well. “Restoration” typically involves re-polarization of the LCD, but on many Yamaha gauges the lenses can be polished.

What is the process?

Remove your gauges from your dash, box them up safely and include your contact information in the box (Name, Cell #, Email Address, Return Shipping Address and any notes), mail to our address provided in this site.  Once your box is received, we will send a ‘check-in’ email to confirm we have received them and take a visual inspection of your gauges.  Your gauges are then assigned to one of our technicians for bench testing and restoration.  If any issues are found, we will contact you at that time.  If no issues, when restoration is completed, and PayPal invoice will be sent via email.  We provide a before/after picture attached to every invoice to show the restoration results!  Once payment is received, your gauges will be returned via USPS Priority 1-3 Day Insured Delivery for a standard rate of $15 (other shipping options can be requested).  You will receive an email with tracking information once sent!!

Whats the turnaround time?

Turnaround time is mostly dependent on how many gauges we have to restore at that time, and when we receive them. The restoration process isn’t a fast one, as each gauge takes sometimes up to 2 hours to restore. As of April 2020, we’re averaging a least 1 week turnaround. Your boat will run fine without gauges, but it’s always best to send your gauges in when you have some down time or the fish aren’t biting.

How do I remove my gauges?

Most Yamaha Gauges are held in with brackets from the backside. 7mm nuts and washers hold it tight. The wiring harness has bullet connectors and plastic plugs to make for easy removal with no cutting of wires needed (in most cases). Later Yamaha and Mercury Smartcraft Gauges can be held in with threaded collars.

How do I get you my gauges?

Ship the gauges (with piece of paper with your contact information) to:


5049 Highway 17 South

Green Cove Springs, FL  32043

Can you restore or repair Mercury Smartcraft Gauges

Depending on the gauge, yes. If the LCD on your Mercury Smartcraft Gauge is burnt or faded, I might be able to restore the LCD. Check the gallery for a before/after picture. Restoration cost is $75! WE ALSO HAVE REPLACEMENT LENSES!   We have several lens sizes available, please call for pricing.

Can you restore other LCD gauges or instruments?

Polarization Film replacement can resolve faded LCD problems on many gauges or instruments. If the LCD can be removed and reinstalled without destroying the integrity of the case, there is a good chance that the repair will bring back the clarity. If you’re not sure, send a picture over, or send the device to me. Again, IF WE CAN’T FIX IT, THERE’S NO CHARGE!

What happens if my gauge isn’t fixable?

Many older Gauges have LCD Leaks. The symptom of this is a dark black ‘INKY’ spot at the bottom of the LCD Screen (sometimes accompanied with missing segments on the screen when powered up). Restoration will not fix this.  Also, there are some inherent risks with this procedure. These are delicate electronic instruments, and we are not always able to tell if the gauge is ‘good’ just by bench testing. Sometimes we need to disassemble the gauge and remove the polarized films to determine if the LCD is intact. The entire restoration could be performed only to discover that the Gauge doesn’t power up. We have spare parts gauges and will use everything at our disposal to repair any gauge that comes through the door. IF WE CAN’T FIX IT, THERE IS NO CHARGE! WE will send you your gauge back, or buy it from you for parts.

What payment methods do you take?

We typically send a PayPal invoice via email when the restoration is complete.  If you don’t use Paypal, you can pay with credit card as a ‘guest’ via paypal invoice. If pre-paying, please include return shipping with your payment.

Are there any additional fees?

We charge a standard flat rate of $15 for USPS Priority 1-3 Day Insured Delivery.

Florida residence will be charged 7% FL sales tax for service provided on a personal tangible product.  If a FL business, please provide your Tax Certificate for exemption.

Do you buy junk gauges?

Heck yes we do! We don’t care if they are burnt, sunk, in pieces, etc. We will buy them to keep in my parts lot. Parts from your gauge can be used to keep others going!

Do you sell Gauge Covers to keep the sun off?

We now include complimentary gauge covers on all restorations (round gauges only!) We also sell them for $5 each, free shipping. Check ebay as well.

Do you perform Repairs on gauges?

Yes, we can perform some repairs on gauges depending on parts we have available. Most of the parts for these gauges can not be purchased so we have to rely on parts gauges we pick up. Typical repairs that can be done include Speed Gauge water pressure nipple/barb replacement, wiring harnesses extended or new bullet connectors added, replacement of gauge internals, or gauge cases, etc. We typically do not replace bad LCD’s because we use good spare LCD’s to make parts gauges complete again for customer availability.

Do you provide a WARRANTY on your repairs

Yes, we offer a 90 day warranty on parts and materials used in LCD Restorations. If your gauge should fade, or the LCD film starts to curl or burn, we will re-film the LCD free of charge. We’ll also re-seal your gauge case should it come apart. See ‘Warranty’ page for details.

If you have any questions, please email me at