Meet the GaugeSavers

Eric Clayton (Unclebob)​

A Military Veteran with an Electrical Engineering Degree and a Boating Problem   

Back in 2016, necessity led to invention when my fishing partner asked me if I could fix his gauge or replace it with a new one. After some extensive research on how to fix a faded LCD, it was a success. A few online folks asked me to save their gauges, and a few led to a dozen, and so on.” A tinkerer at heart, Eric began a journey of reverse engineering different gauges, and soon enough GaugeSaver was born.  As a website led to more business, GaugeSaver became an LLC, and in 2020 Eric was able to say goodbye to his IT Career and save gauges full time. When not at work, you might find him searching for the best deals on Craigslist, cruising around on the St. John’s river,  or taking a nap with his new puppy Merlin.

Tammy Clayton

Hardworking Mother of 2 and Office Manager

With a background in IT and years of experience in office management, Tammy is the backbone of the office. Way back in 2017, she left the IT field and began helping GaugeSaver grow out of her home office. Tammy is the helpful, pretty voice you’ll hear when you call GaugeSaver. When not at work Tammy can be found watering her many orchids, knitting a blanket, or watching documentaries with her cat  Abby.

Marcelo Da Costa

Born in Brazil and now a proud US citizen, Marcelo is a mad scientist who can pretty much do anything. From carving beautiful birds, to custom fabbing offroad tractors, Marcelo does it all.  When not saving gauges, Marcelo might be found in his Nautic Star catching nothing but catfish or cooking some meat on his homemade smoker.

Tulim Silva

 A recent member of Team USA, Tulim left Brazil to pursue a career in electronics. Tulim is a gearhead and very adept behind a set of tools. He’s also an amazing electronics technician and excellent chef.  When not at work Tulim might be found at the sandbar near his 17″ SeaHunt center console, strumming an imaginary electric ukulele.

Micaela Snell

Welcome our new team member, Micaela.  Her variety of knowledge and experience is a great asset to the company;  not to mention her enthusiasm and customer service skills.  On her off time, you may find her cruising to the sandbar in her Hydra Sport , kicking up dirt on her 4-wheeler, riding with hubby Nick on the back of their motorcycle or playing with her Shiba Inu.


Merlin (Director Of Greetings)

Nothing will ever replace our favorite best friend Jeb dog, but Merlin sure comes close. 
Half beagle, half chihuahua, and half hyena, Merlin will be sure to greet your shoes at the door with some nibbles. 

Five (Client Acquisition Technician)

Don’t be fooled by her airplane ears, this friendly kitty knows nothing but love. Five wandered up to the shop skinny and flea-ridden, but now shes getting lots of love and food from the GaugeSaver team.  If you stop by, she’ll be sure to greet you at the door. 

When not basking in the sun, Five can be found exploring the back yard or hanging out with the guys in the garage. 

Kolben Clayton

Once a Gauge Saver, always a Gauge Saver!

Kolben has moved onto EMT/Firefighter school to pursue a career.  His friendly and compassionate personality will be missed.  But, we will still rely on him for lawn maintenance and a good toilet cleaning from time to time!

Kaden Clayton

Once a Gauge Saver, always a Gauge  Saver!

Kaden’s ginger beard will missed around the shop as he pursues his welder certification.  But just wait, custom T-top shop may soon to be added to Gauge Saver.  

Kerri Clayton

Once a Gauge Saver, always a Gauge Saver!

Kerri’s time was short at the shop but her comical energy and laughter will be greatly missed.  Unfortunately our Government needs her back inspecting ammunition.  Utah is only a Zoom call away and we look forward to her weekly morale-booster meetings!