Why would anyone offer any sort of warranty on work done to 20 year old used electronic devices for a boat?
Because we stand behind what we do, and the materials we use, that’s why.

What our 90 day Limited Warranty Covers:

If the polarization or Backlight reflector we used on your LCD begins to fade or curl or in any way lose it’s resolution within 90 days, we will re-film the LCD free of charge. If the gauge case should separate we will re-seal it.

Keep in mind that these are sensitive and delicate devices often used in harsh environments. Electronics can and will be fine one day and not the next. We will stand behind any work that we do to any gauge, and either offer a polarization replacement, or a refund in some instances.

You can be confident we will do our best to support you after the restoration is completed.

Please reach out to me via email or text if you have a warranty concern within 90 days of us doing your gauge. If you are sending in a gauge to have any warranty work performed, please write WARRANTY on the box and on your ‘contact page’ to let us know what you would like done. We prioritize Warranty Work to top of the list.

thanks! Eric @ GaugeSaver