Why would anyone offer any sort of 90 Day warranty on work done to 20 year old used electronic devices for a boat?
Because we stand behind what we do, and the materials we use, that’s why.

What our 90 Day Limited Warranty Covers:

WARRANTY DISCLAIMER:  GaugeSaver provides a 90 day parts and labor warranty on all materials and service provided during restoration including lenses, polarized films, NEW LCDS, rear reflector, backlight bulbs or assemblies, replacement Button Sets, Electronic Component replacement, etc.  If you purchased a used gauge or device from us and it fails within 90 days, we will offer you a refund (upon return of the device) or a replacement.

New gauge purchases will be covered by the manufacturer warranty.

Please reach out to us via email if you have a warranty concerns within 90 days of us servicing your device. If you are sending in a device to have any warranty work performed, please write WARRANTY on the box and on your ‘contact page’ to let us know what you would like done. We prioritize Warranty Work to top of the list.

Thanks! Eric @ GaugeSaver