Anthony Davis

Could not be happier with the experience! I thought the gauge that came on the used boat I bought was junk, but they made it look brand new. They had it fixed and back to me less than 2 weeks from when I dropped at the post office.

Elliot Cohen

One of my Volvo EVC gauges became unviewable. A replacement was very expensive. I sent it to GaugeSaver and in a week it was returned working perfectly. I now see the other gauge is not as clear as the repaired one. Very pleased!

Jim Strickland

The speed gauge came back like new, turnaround was fast and you can’t beat the price. I will tell all my friends about GaugeSaver for sure.

Will Teach

Let me tell ya, I hate spending money on boats, it’s never fun for me. This place I was happy to pay. They saved me hundreds on a new unit. The first time walking into the place I was greeted and walked through the repair process. Just an email back when they said it was going to be ready. To the day, that’s great service. Very fair pricing and super staff. It’s hard to find these days. Thanks again GaugeSaver! -Will 😁

Dennis Berry

I discovered GaugeSaver on E-Bay while looking to replace two RayMarine gauges that were no longer readable. GaugeSaver repaired my gauges and returned them to service at a fraction of the cost of new ones. One gauge had a minor soldering issue which they repaired without question under warranty. Prompt professional service; reasonable pricing (very reasonable); they stand behind their work. I could not have been more pleased with their service.

Reel Impact Marina, Elliot Davies

David Hamilton

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the repair work on my 440!!  I know there is newer equipment available but fixing the original 15 year old unit gives me a lot more pleasure😎.  You guys are the best – many thanks!!

Donald Walsh

I normally don’t write reviews for products or services, however, your service was outstanding. My gauges now all work and look better than they did when I purchased the boat. I will recommend your services to everyone I know.

Bob Bank

Yamaha Gauges, just received my gauges back. Not sure what kind of time machine y’all have, but these gauges are like brand NEW!! Thank You, and my hat is off to the tech that worked on them! Till next time, best wishes!  (Feb 2023)

Andrew Cox

Thank You! Y’all did an excellent repair job, as always I am amazed with your quality and expertise workmanship!


I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your top notch service.  Thank you so much.

August Ahlstrom, Sweden

(DIY – Lens install)
I thank you so much for all the help.  Thought I would send a picture of the result.
I personally think they turned out very well.
Best regards