2004-2008 Mercedes CLK Head Unit (motorized)


  • LCD Restoration of motorized flip-down display with 2 slots for DVD/Map Loader

This is a Service Request ONLY! NO pre-payment required.

Upon order submission, you will receive an Order # and instructions to send your device(s).

Has your MERCEDES head unit become faded to the point where you can’t see it? Bubbles, scratches, burnt spots driving you crazy? Don’t want to spend $2000+ on an after-market Alpine head unit that needs a bezel and tons of harnesses just to fit in your dash?

Have no fear,  GaugeSaver.com, is here! At a fraction of the cost of aftermarket, we can make yours look new again by restoring your LCD, or replacing it with a NEW one!

  • Remove and send you device to use for restoration.  There are several youtube videos as tutorials.  OR…if you are local, we can remove it for you in our climate controlled, secure shop.
  • If we are unable to restore the device, there is no charge