Yamaha 6Y9 Restoration Services


  • Button Membrane Replacement (aftermarket GaugeSaver Design): $175
  • LENS Replacement Only (replaces glass with acrylic): $150
  • NEW LCD and New Polycarbonate Lens replacement (backlight attached): $350
  • Lens Polish/water stain etching removal ONLY: $50
  • New accessory bezel:  $50

This is a Service Request ONLY! NO pre-payment required.

Upon order submission, you will receive an Order # and instructions to send your device(s).

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  • NEW LCD replacement includes a new backlight attached (1 piece assembly)
    • NEW polycarbonate lens is included in replacement to prevent damage to the original glass lens
  • Backlight is not repairable individually as it is attached to the LCD assembly
  • New accessory bezel is not OEM.  Aftermarket replacement, fits just the same.